The baron in flight


The organizing team (Douglas, Melanie, Deborah, Alan and Karl) thank everyone for their support for Diabetes Polar Flight, including all the companies and people supporting our fund-raising dinner in June 2011, and by doing so, helping raise funds for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.

Fred Sorenson, Flight Contract Services Inc., for auxiliray fuel tank work.
Ron Sheardown
Citywire - Lawrence Lever and Richard Lander
Dexcom Inc.
Roche Diagnostics Lts
Threadneedle Asset Management Ltd.
Lisa Frost, Koolfish Web Design.
Ditto of Ditto Logistics, Anchorage
Million Air FBO, Anchorage
Pat and Roger, Aircraft Instruments, Anchorage
Yereth Rosen
Rob Stapleton
Dan Tye, Adventure 52.
Tom Blaine & Bruce’s Custom Covers
Sophie Taylor